Prices of our original brand shakuhachi
(ex. tax, we pay the shipping costs)


lengths 1.3~2.3
available from 150,000 yen for every length
for sizes other than those above, please feel free to contact us.

accessories incl: Utaguchi cap to protect the embouchure
shakuhachi bag
Tsuyukiri cleaning cloth with thread and weighted ball, to wipe inside the bore of the shakuhachi
utaguchi: black acrylic・pure gold leaf layer
Nakatsugi(joint): rattan binding with three layers of silver
(If you wish for the rattan binding to include a layer of pure gold 24 K, the price will change.)

Caring for the shakuhachi

The shakuhachi is not amenable to sudden changes of humidity, and may be bro-ken by drying. The most suitable environment is at 40% - 50% humidity ,and with little change of humidity. And please be careful about humidity changes at home and the place of practice immediately after purchase, as the environment varies from our studio to your home. We recommend that you moisturise the shakuhachi by applying a thin coat of camellia oil, to the surface of the bamboo, and then wiping it off gently.

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Price for repairs
(Tax incl. Customers must pay the shipping costs)
as of January 2021.

When carrying out repairs, firstly we need to look at the condition of your shakuhachi, then we can initially estimate the price. After your agreement with our price estimate, we start the repair. We will inform you about time required as well as the final estimation of the price. If you wish to cancel the repair, we will ask you to pay the shipping costs to return your shakuhachi.

embouchure utaguchi fitting
Replacement of utaguchi with a layer of pure gold leaf
Replacement of utaguchi with a layer of pure silver leaf
Replacement of utaguchi only with black Acrylic
anti-cracking binding(one binding)*1
3,500yen(a correction of the coating inside the shakuhachi incl.)
Tuning ( adjustment of the pitch)
Finger hole position adjustment (including tuning)
Remodelling to 7 holes
6,400yen(to add the 7th hole for example, it costs 6,400 yen.)
Repairing a loose joint
Changing the ring of the joint
20,000yen(Rattan binding with 3 layers of silver.)
Adaptation and remodelling the shakuhachi
  • *1 We would like to explain here about anti-cracking repairs, as many customers ask us about this. We decide how many points to bind, after studying the length of the cracks, where the cracks lie, and the relationship to the holes. The approximate spacings between one binding and the next are 3 cm, and if we use a longer spacing, there is more risk that the cracks will open again. Moreover this may cause damage inside the bore of the shakuhachi. Concerning repair with an-ti-cracking bindings, it is the role of the repair to reduce the future risk of the shakuhachi breaking. So please view this repair as a restraint to avoid repetition or further spreading of the crack. Despite the bindings, if the instrument gets dry, the existing cracked area or the other areas may crack again.
  • *2 Adaptation refers to a repair to convert the internal design of the existing shakuhachi into the internal design of the latest Seika brand. We review all design aspects, from the length of the shakuhachi to the position of finger holes, and give new life to the musical instrument. Please note that reconstruction to the original inside diameter is impossible, so we start working on it only after your agreement to this.

Accessories (Tax ex. Shipping fees: charged to the customer)
as of January 2021.

Utaguchi cap with leather
Tsuyukiri cloth (two layered cloths)with metallic weighting ball
Tsuyukiri cloth with ivory weighting ball
A wooden rod in the shape of a closed fan to point to the notation.
Shakuhachi bag ( silk with tassel for 1.8 )
Shakuhachi bag (for longer Shakuhachi)
Music stand ( adjustable for standing and sitting position, made of iron 1080g, color silver
Music stand (aluminium alloy, color silver with a support behind the extendable framework to avoid bending backwards)
Shakuhachi case ( with a hand grip , capable of holding 2pcs of 1.8-length instruments, notations, and music stand)
Tuner (KORG)
Various kinds