Information on precautionary measure against COVID-19

At Kitahara Seikado, we maintain vigilant health control, and check our body temperature as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. In case there is an infection, we will inform you on our website. We also require our customers to check their temperature and to disinfect their hands. We thank you for your un-derstanding.

In September 2020, we conducted experiments to visualise airborne spray when playing the shakuhachi, with the cooperation of Kato Koken Company.
You can read our article on these experiments in the Tozan shakuhachi school’s magazine Gakuho November (issued in October). Tozan shakuhachi school is a public interest incorporated association.
Additionally, you can read the article and view the video clip on its website.

We wish all shakuhachi lovers a safe environment for the enjoyment of the shakuhachi sound, by reading through the article, and by arranging their envi-ronment to reduce the number of infections.
We pray for the end of the infections as soon as possible.