From the maker’s point of view, the best way to make progress is to practice with a "high-performance musical instrument suited to the player him or herself". When customers purchase a shakuhachi for the first time, they often tell us that they find it difficult to know what the standard is. Easy control of volume to create a contrast between strong and restrained dynamic levels, the right pitch, ease in bending semitones, comfortable sound, natural flow of the breath, and polished sound: these are some criteria. At Kitahara Seikado we repeatedly check your blowing-style and your way of breathing and give you feedback concerning the analysis of these, as an aid not only in the choice of a shakuhachi, but also as a means of trouble-shooting and advice towards making progress.

We work every day at studying the instrument in order to evolve our shakuhachi construction, hoping to make it better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today. We hope you will take up the latest "Seika brand shakuhachi", experiencing for yourself this step forward.