At Kitahara Seikado, we offer you the opportunity to experience our shakuhachi via ZOOM.


At your own ease; those who are interested in our brand of shakuhachi , wanting to know about it, hearing the sound, or even who know nothing about it, are all welcome.

  • Via on-screen
    we choose
    your shakuhachi

  • We diagnose
    how it fits you,
    by playing
    in real-time.

  • You want to see
    shakuhachi but you live
    too farto visit our shop
    in Kyoto.

  • Presentation of
    shakuhachi, from the
    makers’point of

How our online showroom works.

  • フロー1

    Initial set up

    For our online showroom, we use the App “ZOOM”. Please set this up on your PC, Smartphone,or Tablet, equipped with internet, webcam and microphone.

  • フロー2

    Reservation from the inquiry button.

    We will reply to you by email about the appointment. After we decide the date and time,
    we will send you the ZOOM meeting ID and the passcode.

  • フロー3

    Reception of the ID and the Passcode

    Via the “inquiry“ button, please register yourself with your availability, name, and your email address.

  • フロー4

    Welcome to our online showroom

    We will start our meeting punctually at the indicated time, so please enter your meeting ID and the passcode before it begins.
    Besides, please check carefully, as the passcode includes both upper and lower-case letters.

  • As the showroom has only recently opened,we have to apologise in advance that the timetable for online appointments and the method of presentation may change.
    However, we will do our best to meet your requests as much as possible.