In our atelier we also give lessons. The teacher is Hiroki Kitahara (the fourth). The theme of the sessions is “A-Z of Shakuhachi.
We would like to teach in an enjoyable way, from the foundation course to how to create the sound and the tone colour.

  • Lesson fees and appointments

    Lesson Fee :3,000 Yen/hour/person

    Dates:Mon-Sat. from 10AM-5PM.

    Concerning lesson dates and times, we can consult together to meet each other’s availability.

    *We can lend you a shakuhachi for lessons. Please contact us if this is required.

    *First trial lesson: For 500 yen you can try our lessons, as we would like as many people as possible to take the essential foundation lesson. This trial lesson takes place only once a month and its date is irregular. We will inform you about the dates via our website. You can also contact us, by phone or email.